Nina-May-on-the-StreetThe Renaissance Foundation is a leadership organization that was founded by Nina May in 1983. The goal is to encourage people to become leaders in their respective areas of influence and to challenge these leaders to new standards of excellence and spiritual renewal.

The Foundation is active in promoting leadership and democracy abroad by hosting political, business, and educational seminars internationally, and by giving testimony before various groups including The U.N. General Assembly and Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Renaissance Foundation is diverse, multi-faceted and is involved in a wide range of issues. They have offices in Seoul, Korea, yet also sponsor single mothers on welfare in their scholarship program to encourage personal responsibility and achievement.

Emancipation Revelation Revolution

ERRVideoThe documentary, “Emancipation Revelation/Revolution, discusses the fate of Black Americans who dare leave the plantation of liberalism, political correctness and victimization. “They are riding the underground railroad to free speech and association and rejecting the stereotypes that have been placed on them by the party that claims to be their liberator,” claims author, Mason Weaver.


Renaissance Women Productions

Renaissance Women Productions, a project of the Renaissance Foundation, has produced award-winning documentaries and shorts for the past 8 years using new, undiscovered talent, giving them the opportunity to break into the film industry. The interns that come through the program have produced everything from TV shows, to commercials, documentaries and educational films and now an award winning feature length movie, “Life Fine Tuned”. The interns have been trained to do everything from writing scripts and narration to editing, filming, and staging. They are trained to be in front of the camera as well as behind and are even responsible for their own sound tracks with the projects they produce. It has been a great incubator for new talent, giving the ex-terns a chance to then be involved at a higher level on other for-profit productions.


A Call to Action

It is time for a renaissance in America. A renaissance of ideas, of values, of leadership, character and virtue. We need a renewal of the America that has been a beacon of truth, freedom, justice and righteousness for generations. The Renaissance Foundation is working to usher in a cultural renewal, a revival of excellence that challenges mediocrity and complacency in our nation. We want to establish a standard of excellence for our leaders and inspire them to rise above status quo, to embrace character and integrity and once again be accountable and responsible for their actions. This standard, when modeled by the leaders, will usher in a renaissance of the heart for all Americans and shift their paradigm from defeat to one of excellence and optimism.

A true renaissance needs to occur that will encompass a philosophy that surpasses political arguments and embodies the spirit of who we were created to be, with inalienable rights, with uncompromised responsibilities, and with a knowledge emblazoned on our hearts of right and wrong. It is time to revitalize a revolution that started over 200 years ago when a handful of men separated themselves from a controlling system that merely extorted and exploited while denying the essence of God’s people to reach their truest potential. That is what our country needs today and Renaissance Foundation is the source of that rebirth of integrity, principle and of purpose that has been stripped from our national psyche.

We want to change the paradigm of America as dysfunctional, paralyzed with anxiety, and afraid to embrace the freedoms we have been blessed with. We have become a nation of whiners…we want to find the winners. We have become a nation of victims…we want to find the victors. We have become a nation of followers … we want to find the leaders. We want to inspire, to love, to give and to challenge people to reject the status quo of mediocrity and embrace the concept and reality of excellence. And the element, the main ingredient that is missing in the discussion of excellence is ironically the only thing that can bring us to the point of understanding our purest potential, our purpose for being, and that is God. We have thrown out the corner stone of the foundation of this building called America, and it will not long stand with a foundation that has crumbled.

How does any movement happen? It begins with a handful of people who believe in something greater that themselves and they are willing to make sacrifices to bring about the change, or the renaissance that is necessary to revitalize the spirit of America. And it only takes a handful of dedicated people who share a common goal and purpose … God’s purpose for their lives. This is called the remnant. Now is the time to pull that remnant together and forge a new direction for America … an American Renaissance.

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